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On Jan 21, 2008 2:34 PM, Duck <> wrote:

> This seemed a good sort of "small is beautiful" match for Lua, so I have
> written a Lua module, consisting of a single Lua file, to use this data
> for IP-to-country lookup.
> It's licensed under a "What You Will" licence.

Hey, this is really handy, thanks for posting!

I started tweaking the code a bit to better suit my needs,
and I did stumble upon one possible bug:

> local a,b,c,d = ip:match('(%d+).(%d+).(%d+).(%d+)')

I think that should that be:

local a,b,c,d = ip:match('(%d+)%.(%d+)%.(%d+)%.(%d+)')

 - Jeff