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On 1/21/08, Maysami, Masoud <> wrote:
right now i am working on a mini debugger in "c++".
I am able to parse the local and global variables.
My problem is to parse temporary global variable by their name.
Right now they appear as "(*temporary)", i want to show these variables in my watch window by their name.
Is there a way to do this ? (thorugh the c-api)

The temporary variables don't have names.  They're used internally and aren't really useful to someone debugging Lua code (unless perhaps you're trying to debug the Lua interpreter).  The up values -- on the other hand -- are pretty useful.

If you goal is to *have* a Lua debugger rather than to *create* one, I'd be remiss if I failed to point out that we've created one which is available here:


Technical Director
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