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KHMan writes:
> Asko Kauppi wrote:
> > How about a monthly cycle.
> I like weekly newsletters better.

In the current structure of ,
the items are simply chronological and not split up into any
period of time.  That said, one could commit to updating the news
list weekly, and one could reformat the items for a given week into
some type of weekly e-mail, mail list posting, RSS feed, etc.

Possibly the most major items should be highlighted in a monthly
summary (e.g. Lua Workshop 2008 and LuaRock 0.3 this month and
maybe Lua 5.1.3 Released in a later month).  This summary could
credit the person(s) who updated the news for that month.  There
could be a list on the wiki where people could sign up to take
responsibility for summarizing a certain month.

Anyone interested in summarizing January?

> That said, I think Jean-Claude's notes are excellent.