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On Jan 3, 2008, at 12:49 PM, steve donovan wrote:

So what do other 'third tier' roadmaps look like? Anybody got
something interesting in the garage that's coming out this year?

Nanoki, a small wiki and http engine, is nearing completion. It's presently undergoing stress testing on Wikipedia sized data set. The next step is to provide a comprehensive documentation and tutorial.

Nanoki sports the following features:

- pure Lua implementation
- minimal external dependencies
- zero configuration

Here are some highlights of the wiki itself:

- streamlined, minimalist interface
- modern, css based, xhtml layout
- "url as ui"
- Atom and hAtom micro format representation throughout
- markdown formatting syntax
- full versioning
- full search and trie based indexing
- unicode/unidecode
- transparent, file based, storage
- scales down as well as up
- etc, etc, ...

The current code base is available bellow:

And, time permitting, proper documentation, tutorial and live demo should follow... :)