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 > On Saturday 29 December 2007, Zed A. Shaw wrote:
 > > Then, when you then go to bid, being able to say, "I'm a major
 > > contributor to the Lua project and creator of 16 Lua based
 > > projects with a direct line to the Lua community."  does much better
 > > than if you had a time line full of lies from Roberto.
 > i've used that with great sucess, even if i'm not so "major contributor"

I know people are sick of this thread, but I just spotted the
following in the August issue of Linux journal:

   Number of 5-year roadmaps for Linux:                                0
   Number of operating systems that support more hardware than Linux:  0

Seems to me like Linux is a good outfit to be in the same boat on:

   Number of 5-year roadmaps for Lua:                                  0
   Number of scripting languages that run on more platforms than Lua:  0