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On Dec 29, 2007 11:12 PM, Norman Ramsey <> wrote:
> Looking into my crystal ball, here's what I see past and future:

Well, I can't say that my crystal ball reaches very far, but I'm
working on my 2008 roadmap. So in the spirit of Asko giving his list
of projects, here's what I want to do:

- A new release of LuaMacro, easier to use and with added
documentation (!). Documentation is really something that needs a lot
more work generally - it's much more than per-method documentation,
there needs to be how-to and how-it-works and so forth. E.g, I am
fascinated by LuaLanes but there aren't enough examples, requiring me
to do a reverse-engineering learning exercise.
- scite-debug (and SciTE generally) needs a nice set of auxiliary
widgets so that one can watch variables in different windows, etc.
Edit-and-continue is a realistic goal, and I aim to at least find out
the limits of current approches.
- Yet another Lua distribution, which I'm tentatively calling
Moonlight. Emphasis on small and coherent, with well-integrated
documentation, suitable for embedded work (whether on small footprint
machines or Lua hosted by a program). Not initially worrying about
what GUI toolkit to pack and avoiding that endless battleground.

So what do other 'third tier' roadmaps look like? Anybody got
something interesting in the garage that's coming out this year?

steve d.