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 > > On 1/3/08, Norman Ramsey <> wrote:
 > >> On my wish list is to get Lua into the standard maemo distributions for
 > >> the Nokia N800 (they're already using busybox, for crying out loud),
 > > 
 > > just curious, what's the problem with busybox?  i've long thought that
 > > adding Lua to it would make a great plattform for tiny Linux distros.
 > Javier, you're misunderstanding the "for crying out loud" phrase.
 > It's more like: busybox is a small and terribly useful bit of
 > software, and Lua has those same attributes, so it makes sense to
 > have Lua in there, at least for people on this list.

Actually, my crying out loud was because I had confused two different
'small utilities' in my mind: I had thought that busybox was written
using Lua---and was disappointed that they didn't also have Lua.  
In fact it is Tomsrtbt (the amazing small boot floppy) that uses Lua.
So I have stopped crying out loud ;-)

I would still like to get Lua going on the maemo platform.