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> Anyway. Personally I think we could benefit of a "round table"
> discussion to decrease the number of multithreading solutions, and
> focus people's efforts on one.

Hi Asko,
I tried Lanes a while back and while it seemed like a useful thing in
general, I was really put off by all of the gluax stuff in there.  I
understand your desire to maintain backward compatibility with a
minimum of effort, but I found it to be quite an effort to decrypt
what was going on in the code because of gluax.  Of course I
eventually figured it out after pouring through gluax, but I then
found the barrier to pulling Lanes out of the gluax stuff for
modification within my own personal Lua universe as to be quite high
and thus not worth the effort.  I would have been much more motivated
to submit a patch if Lanes was its own entity minus the gluax.