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Whenever multithreading in Lua comes up, three possibilities are usually mentioned:

1. LuaThread, which is now out-of-date, requires a (very slightly) non-standard Lua core, and requires the programmer to take care of synchronisation issues.

2. LuaTask, recently bumped up to 1.6.4, and pretty fully documented, yet dismissed by some as "dead" or at least "inactive".

3. Lua Lanes, which is sometimes described as "active" and promoted as the way to go.

However, Lua Lanes was last updated in May 2007, is still described as "beta," has (IMO) incomplete and thus very-hard-to-use documentation, and has had a broken home page for quite some time (IIRC, it used to give 404s; now it's giving 401s).

Is the project still going?

I'm a happy LuaTask user myself, but thought I'd better look at the competition (for want of a better word), only to find it seems to be stuck/dead/busted.

PS: The now-official and documented ability of LuaTask's to consume a chunk rather than just the name of an external file when creating a task is very handy. Thanks, DanielQ.

PPS: Diego, will there ever be an "official" LuaThread for 5.1.2 (with or without the tag "alpha" :-) ?