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Hans Hagen wrote:

for luatex we've chose lua over other languages (were not even real candidates to be honest); tex (a typographic programming language) itself is close to 30 years old, and we want to add another 30 years to that; really, the last thing we worry about if lua going away, and one of the arguments for using lua (apart from size, liking it, etc) is that it's based on research, is hosted at a university, that there is a knowledgable community (many pretty high quality posts on this list)

My wife, bless her soul, got me the boxed set of Knuth's
"Art of Computer Programming" for Christmas. We had talked about
books and professional development in the summer and I mentioned
that this was the one of the few  book I felt I could get some use
out of in the next few years.

My original edition PiL is wearing out too, but that's a different story.

Also, Roberto is a nice guy, which is yet another good reason for sticking to lua -)

And I've also found the Lua community to reflect that....