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Tim Kelly escreveu:
Roberto wrote:

I guess there is a difference in scale. The last version of Lua is
less than 2 years old. This is the timescale I am talking about. If
you do not see a new release of Lua in the next 20 years than you
should worry.

But do I have to worry that in five years the group at PUC-Rio will tire of Lua and move on to other projects, leaving me looking around for developers with their patched versions of Lua?  (Universities are notorious for their "what have you done for me lately" attitude, so new research and directions is a given, but can come at the expense of maintainence of existing research projects.)

What, do you want a document signed with blood? I am not Roberto, but Lua has existed for 14 years now. I guess they are pretty serious about it. Moreover, let's imagine a world where the Lua authors give up on it tomorrow. Lua is a very stable and bugless piece of code, and that will not change overnight. There are several projects that still happily use Lua 4.0. Besides, there is a very capable and smart community which has written many Lua lines of code that would not disappear overnight too. I bet another maintainer would take over it in no time. Larry Wall and Guido have written roadmaps. What if they die tomorrow?