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Thanks to the fast feedback on Shake 1.0, here is Shake 1.0.1 with all
of the suggestions.

Shake is a simple and transparent test engine for Lua that assumes
that tests only use standard assert and print calls. If you are
looking for a xUnit style framework, check lunit and luaunit instead.

Shake is distributed as a Lua module, a command line runner and a
CGILua application:

Shake is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.1.

    * LuaFileSystem 1.3.0
    * Leg 0.1.2

Version 1.0.1 changes
    * Added support for dostring and loadstring (patch by Fábio Mascarenhas)
    * Shake was not considering the filename parameter (bug found by
Leo Razoumov)
    * Improves the output of shake -r
    * Added -v flag for version and -h flag for help (patch by Enrico Tassi)
    * Fixed a bug in the print implementation when the parameters
where not strings (patch by Jean-Claude Wippler)

For those using LuaRocks, simply use "luarocks install shake" to
update your Shake installation to 1.0.1

Feedback still welcome. :o)