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John Labenski wrote:
On Dec 18, 2007 5:44 AM, Flemming Madsen <> wrote:
Hakki Dogusan wrote:
My wxLua is from file. Sorry, I should have
comment that part.. I hope, wxLua guru John Labenski can fix my fault.

Thanks for confirming. I will just comment out this line.
I have fixed this in wxLua CVS by adding a new constructor for mono bitmaps,

this.my_smile_xbm = wx.wxBitmap( smile_bits, smile_width,  smile_height, 1 )

but I have yet to commit the image.wx.lua sample.


Looks good. I also could'nt figure out how to use the existing '%override' binding.
But just out of curiosity: How do you distinguish the two signatures with one of 3(+1) and 4(+1) parameters:

wxBitmap(const char bits[], int width, int height, int depth = 1)   and
wxBitmap(void* data, int type, int width, int height, int depth = -1)

When the type info on the first parameter is lost (I assume both will be a string from lua)