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Habib wrote:

Thefore first I tried: wxWidgets. Dropped it when I couldn't find any easy way to display a JPEG on the screen. Hacking it will be more troublesome than it's worth. Add with it the requirement that we need to capture webcam image and shoot pictures, and things get out of hand fast.

But, wxWidgets can display JPEG images on screen? After seeing your message, to be sure, I just compile samples/image. JPEG related code follows:


    if ( !image.LoadFile( dir + _T("horse.jpg")) )
        wxLogError(wxT("Can't load JPG image"));
        my_horse_jpeg = wxBitmap( image );

        // Colorize by rotating green hue to red
wxImage::HSVValue greenHSV = wxImage::RGBtoHSV(wxImage::RGBValue(0, 255, 0)); wxImage::HSVValue redHSV = wxImage::RGBtoHSV(wxImage::RGBValue(255, 0, 0));
        image.RotateHue(redHSV.hue - greenHSV.hue);
        colorized_horse_jpeg = wxBitmap( image );

    if ( !image.LoadFile( dir + _T("cmyk.jpg")) )
        wxLogError(_T("Can't load CMYK JPG image"));
        my_cmyk_jpeg = wxBitmap(image);
#endif // wxUSE_LIBJPEG


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