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Flemming Madsen wrote:
Hakki Dogusan wrote:

I translated mentioned sample to wxLua. (448Kb)


I was having a little trouble with a wxBitmap constructor though.

Thanks for reporting.

Line 654 in image.wx.lua goes like this:

this.my_smile_xbm = wx.wxBitmap( smile_bits, smile_width, smile_height, 1 )

Yes, I couldn't do it, and I put a comment "--FIXME didn't work!", at line 59.

and crashes like this when i run it:
[error message, stack traceback snipped]

wxLua.exe ("wxLua build with wxWidgets 2.8.4" from About box) does not crashes here? Otherwise I would comment that code.

I assume that in your context it binds to this wxBitmap constructor signature: (From here <>)

    *wxBitmap*(*const char*/ bits[]/, *int*/ width/, *int*/ height/
    *int*/ depth = 1/)

    Creates a bitmap from an array of bits.
[function signature analysis snipped]

I believe that your analysis is correct.

Are you using a different version of wxlua than the one on or am i simply doing something wrong

My wxLua is from file. Sorry, I should have comment that part.. I hope, wxLua guru John Labenski can fix my fault.

TIA /Flemming

Hakki Dogusan