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Javier Guerra kirjoitti 17.12.2007 kello 23:03:

On 12/17/07, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
using pushstring() feels unoptimal.

That's the problem: it *feels* unoptimal but in reality, as Rici reported, it does not make any actual difference, not enough to warrant a complicated,
error-prone, ugly API...

Yet another lesson at the wrong perceptions that we programmers have about

i really want to agree; and of course it warrants a benchmark or two.

but still, using string constants in Lua is (almost?) as light as
using integers, and i'd like to have this from C; ideally using enums
that get translated to already-interned lua strings.

unfortunately, i don't believe there's a neat solution.


You can push all the strings in startup on the registry, with light userdata pointers (of the C side string constant) serving as keys. This will turn string pushing into a table lookup instead; maybe no better at all?