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On Tue, December 4, 2007 3:27 am, Graham Henstridge wrote:
> I have ported the previous Xcode syntax coloring files to Xcode 3 with
> a little help from Apple. See


It doesn't handle block comments quite correctly.

--[[ This is a valid block comment, but handled incorrectly

The following change appears to fix this behavior:

        Identifier = "xcode.lang.lua.comment";
        Syntax = {
            Start = "--[[";
            End = "]]";

Note that you can't block-comment like this (nested) (Lua says it's

--[[	This is a comment
	[[ This was supposed to be a string inside the comment ]]
]]	--	This should close the comment

The syntax-coloring doesn't know how to handle the following either:

[=[ This is a string ]=]

I'll probably just stick with SubEthaEdit.

Juri Munkki