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So far as I know the Ruby support is limited to the Xcode editor - highlighting and may be completion - and there is certainly no official support for non-supported languages if that makes sense. That said, Dave Ewing at Apple was certainly helpful, but probably because my problem was rather trivial and easily dealt with, but a debugger would be a much bigger issue.


On 04/12/2007, at 3:37 PM, Asko Kauppi wrote:

Is there any news on their debugging support for 3rd party languages? With XCode 2, they seemed to have a partial but undocumented interface about adding debugging support to languages other than Objective-C. Now, with more Ruby support it could be possible to rethink the issue. In other words, to have XCode be integrated with Lua for debugging.


Graham Henstridge kirjoitti 4.12.2007 kello 3:27:


I have ported the previous Xcode syntax coloring files to Xcode 3 with a little help from Apple. See

Graham Henstridge