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hello, "Trevor Burton" <>.

On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 12:02:38 +0100
"Trevor Burton" <> wrote:

> > so WHERE he claims that he DESIGNED the language?
> oh please, read through that web page and tell me that he's not
> trying to give the impression that the language is his, that he
> designed it, that it was his idea etc. etc.
> just because he hasn't written the words "I designed this language"
> then he's not saying he designed the language?
> if that's the impression that people are getting, then that's the
> fault of the author NOT the people reading it.
heh. i've seen the page when Idle was announced 1st time. and some my
friends seen it too. nobody was confused. may be we aren't human beings
after all? %-)