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Hi all,

I'm very new to lua, so forgive me if this is trivial (or impossible). I want to use lua to process TeX files. Specifically, I want to convert some characters to Unicode, but only within a certain environment. I have a solution for this in perl, which is like a sledgehammer because extracting text from balanced delimiters is difficult with a regex. I was attracted to lua because its regex engine has the %b construct, which seems to do just what I need. What I want to do specifically:

Read a TeX file, convert everything inside the environment \localgreek {...} into Unicode, leave everything else exactly as it is and write the result to a new file. I think I know how to extract my passages:

for l in string.gfind(MyText,"localgreek%b{}") do
   l = string.gsub(l,'a','α')

(and so on, I want to make a table of substitutions)

But how do I write the rest of the file back? Sorry if this is a nobrainer, but I'm certainly not a programmer.