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hello, "Antonio Scuri" <>.

On Mon, 17 Sep 2007 09:30:31 -0300
"Antonio Scuri" <> wrote:

> > is there any way to let it accept characters with 7th bit set?
>   In text controls attributes they are already accepted. In callbacks
> as keys, only the defined keys are accepted.
>   Can you explain me more what you want?
i want type russian chars in text edit controls (single/multiline).
i.e. in a multiline text editor, for example. it allows type English
and rejects Russian. i'm using IUP library with vanilla Lua
interpreter, so there can be something that i forget to call before
using IUP...

btw. Linux/OpenMotif. this can be OpenMotif issue after all... i should
look closer.

>   You must call:
> iup.key_open()  in Lua
>   To load key definitions.
tnx. i should look in C examples before asking stupid questions. %-)