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How is this different from LuaCheia?  And if it is based on Lua and comes with a Lua license, why isn't it called Lua(something)?

In any case, I think what Lua really needs is not another core+library distribution, it needs a portable module build system, similar to what Python and Perl have.

(For those who haven't used those build systems, they know how to compile modules on different platforms, and some of them also manage local library and package repositories, can fetch library updates over the web, and can search and download new packages and modules.)


On 9/15/07, Thomas Lauer <> wrote:
The first alpha of Idle is out. Besides a few bug fixes, changes

+ a new module, sqlite3, provides full bindings and functions for
  creating and accessing SQLite3 databases

+ module Class implements a simple, but powerful class/object system

+ metamethod __len can be used to override the # operator for userdata,
  tables, and strings

+ rawlen() gets the size of userdata, tables or strings without calling
  metamethod __len

+ rawtostring() converts values into strings without calling metamethod
  __tostring (i.e. function tostring() remains unmodified)

+ table.inject() inserts the fields of one array into another array

+ util.sha1() calculates the SHA1 hash of an arbitrary string

+ the Idle compiler now supports producing executables for the Windows
  and console subsystems

This version is available for systems running Windows 2000 and later.
For details, documentation and downloads see

cheers  thomasl

web :