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Mike Panetta wrote:
CNC and general robotics.  The local roboics club here uses NXT for some
things I think, but there are a bunch of people that like to do everything
themselves, and maybe the club would be interested in a LUA based

I'm currently building a CNC (ish) single/dual axis controller board based
on a Luminary Micro Stellaris MPU and LUA would be fun to run on that I
would think.  Doubt I could fit LUA and a CANOpen library on it tho, its
only got 256K Flash as well.

Good news that very few modifications were made to the LUA source.  I was
actually thinking that the main issue would be interface libraries (pretty
easy) and some sort of console and program storage interface (more
difficult).  I was thinking a ramtron FRAM device might work for storage, I
don't know.

I'm still cleaning up the build system and working to get a better
console interface to the NXT brick. Let me know if your need is
extremely urgent.

I'd be happy to help your local robotics club out with pbLua for
the NXT. They must be pretty frustrated at the native programming
interface for the brick :-)

It's fine for a 99% of all the tasks that you might want to do, but
if you want to drive a NXT based robot hooked up to a GPS unit, then
you'll need something like Lua..