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Mike Panetta wrote:
Do you have the source available?  This is exactly the kind of thing I have
been thinking about doing for small ARM7 and Cortex-M3 based systems and I
would love to at least see how you did the port. :)

I think I have the source somewhere :-) Actually, this is the topic of
one of the gems in the upcoming Lua Gems book.

I did not have to touch one line of source in Lua - only the luaconf.h
file had some minor tweaks.

I _did_ have to cobble together an embedded run time library that
was suitable for a small micro.

The NXT has an ARM7 with 256K of FLASH and 64K of RAM. The Lua
core, with interpreter/compiler, takes about 100K in Thumb mode.

The tricky part is interfacing with a console (I used USB ).

Do you mind if I ask what the application is?