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Hi.. I just updated the website with a link to the SVN.

Regarding Carlos' patch, looks good, but I'd rather have something
less specific, like a "call_hook" that can take over calling the
actual function, or something like pre-call and post-call.. I'm not
sure how to handle passing all the parameters tho.
I can think of a couple of cases that would use the same hook, like
wrapping a call with lock/unlock methods, or if the method is actually
on a member of 'self' (like a 'smart pointer' type class).

I'll try to commit something on the weekend.


On 8/20/07, RJP Computing <> wrote:
> On 8/17/07, Ariel Manzur <> wrote:
> > the latest svn version should build a proper bootstrap, no need to
> > have a working tolua++ binary or add build_dev
> Where is the svn? I can't find refernce to it on the toLua++ website.
> Thanks.
>  --
> Regards,
> Ryan
> RJP Computing