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Is this the same lua as DSLua? how much space did you get from
removing the parser?



On 9/7/07, Peter Cawley <> wrote:
> Perhaps my situation for needing it was rather uncommon; I'm using lua
> in some homebrew nintendo DS programming, so for speed and size
> reasons, I stripped out the parser code from the lua source, tweaked
> the config to change lua_Numbers to integers and removed alot of the
> math library. As a result of removing the parser, I had to compile the
> scripts on my PC. luac was compiled/run with MSVC, an intel P4
> processor and a standard luaconf. The DS' lua was compiled/run with
> GNUC, an ARM9E processor and a modified luaconf.
> The LoadHeader error message was therefore what I had to work from to
> find out what was wrong with my luac compared to the DS' lua.
> There is nothing that you can do, short of recompiling the script, but
> in situations where the header is invalid, I see it being useful to
> know what is causing the incompatibility, so that you know what to
> change when you do recompile.
> On 07/09/07, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> > > I found that the LoadHeader function gave very undescriptive error,
> > > which makes it hard to establish what is wrong with the header (and
> > > hence the compiled code).
> >
> > Perhaps "bad header" is not a good message. What it does mean is that
> > the binary cannot be loaded into the current platform. Knowing exactly
> > why is probably not as useful as it may seem, because there is really
> > nothing simple you can do to fix it, short of recompiling the script.
> > --lhf
> >