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DSLua uses lua 5.0, whereas I'm working with 5.1. Regardless,
stripping out the parser reduced the size of the .nds from 242kb to
234kb, meaning that that 8kb can be used for more sprites.

It was just the sizeof(lua_Number) check which was failing (due to
changing it to an int in the DS' luaconf and leaving the PC's luaconf
with the default of double. The endianness was the same on both
platforms, and the compilers didn't cause issues on any other sizeof()
checks. So it just needed some tweaking of the luaconf.

On 07/09/07, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> > luac was compiled/run with MSVC, an intel P4 processor and a standard
> > luaconf. The DS' lua was compiled/run with GNUC, an ARM9E processor
> > and a modified luaconf.
> The easiest solution in this case is to change ldump.c to output code
> suitable for the ARM or to change lundump.c to load code from the Intel
> into the ARM. I've posted coded for the later here once or twice. If you
> cannot find it, please ask me.