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Tom Miles wrote:
I get a lua error stating "error loading module
'profiler' from file 'profiler.dll': The specified module could not be

This may have something to do with an error I get in Visual Studios
ouput window stating:
x.exe': Loaded 'c:\x\profiler.dll', Binary was not built with debug
'x.exe': Unloaded 'C:\x\profiler.dll'

I'm trying to run the profiler in a debug build.  Would I need to do a
debug build of the profiler from source?

No debug symbol will not prevent it from loading. It looks more like a dependency of the profiler.dll was not found (I have no knowledge of profiler.dll, but I already saw that type of issues with Visual Studio).

On another note, the "module not found" error is misleading, since it did find the module (as the trace shows).