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I have to agree. If anything the attitude exemplified by the comments Thomas makes indicate someone that hasn't been around long enough

I've been developing in assembly/C/C++/Lisp/ML since the early 80's. I started out as a serious user of debuggers, but pretty much stopped using debuggers and have been using testing and assertions instead for the last 20 years.

to know that unit testing does not equal quality. Too many people treat unit testing as a panacea rather than just part of the solution.

Whoa, you're seriously missing the context here. People were having trouble debugging their code with the Lua debugger. Since the Lua debugger is not going to change overnight (if ever), I suggested they try testing and assertions because it's something they can do right now and that's known to reduce the need for debuggers. Do you have any additional constructive suggestions?

As for people claiming it's a "panacea" or that it "equals quality", I'm not sure where you got that from. However, while not a panacea, testing and assertions have specific benefits and are becoming a standard part of professional software development (e.g., http://; note also the motto). The Wikipedia articles on unit testing, assertions, TDD, and DBC list both benefits and limitations and may be a good starting point if you want to learn more.