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> I added #ifdef functionality it to my project using token filters
>     See
> It is easy to do and works well.
thank you for the link :)

> Getting Edit & Continue to work in a Lua project is not that difficult.
> ...skipped

right you are, it's not a problem to reload lua files with the new
content, but usually we step in the some sort of lua debugger and
suddenly see an error, we may have deep call stack at that moment and
lots of the stuff initialized and configured. so, it would be wonderful
to just edit the next line to run and continue to work without any
other actions

it would be also good to have a possibility to move the current
running line pointer (like in MSVS) - for example, only just inside
the running function

another useful debugging capability would be to recover from error:
usually it is a typo or other trivial mistake, it would be very useful
to use here edit and continue, move the pointer to the previous line
and continue execution

and about breakpoints: I just don't see an easy way of moving
breakpoints to the lines where they can be fired. Surely, there is
 "L" option for lua_getinfo, but having a file and line how to know
is it a valid place for breakpoint or no? and if no what is the better
place to move (probably, it should be inside the block (i.e. function
or do/end (if/end)))? Surely, we can monitor all the functions being
executed and try to find the function which has lines before and after
breakpoint, but then we will have a complicated hook behaviour, which
will result in a poor execution speed.

To my mind, adding these capabilities for Lua would be a great step
forward, since debugging programs is not an easy task, and debugging
programs, written in dynamically typed languages, is even harder.

Yours respectfully,

Dmitriy Iassenev,
 Phone (mobile): +380958392212
  ICQ: 72752187
   GSC Game World - Ukraine, Kyiv,