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Along these lines, I have been looking for a bood matrix library for
some time now but haven't found anything satisfactory.  I'm basically
looking for something geared toward real-time multimedia like video
and 3d geometry that can freely convert between 1-4 channel data,
char, long, float32, and float64 and can have up to 3 dimensions.  If
anyone knows of such a library, I would be grateful for any links.


On 8/17/07, Thomas Breuel <> wrote:
> Well, since we're on the issue of wish lists, I think a standard
> numerical array module would be desirable, something that provides up
> to rank 4 arrays of basic integer and floating point types.  In terms
> of operations, it wouldn't need anything more than creation,
> subscripting, conversion, and resizing/reshaping.  This could (and
> probably should) be separate from the numerical array type and
> strings that Lua already provides and that is integrated with tables.
> The reason is that there are more and more extensions that operate on
> such data (audio, video, images, data analysis, numerics,
> visualization, graphics, etc.), and having a standard representation
> for them would make it more likely that extensions can interoperate.
> Cheers,
> Thomas.