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Patrick Donnelly writes:
> I'm curious what features people would like to see added to Lua.

See .

Some of my own favorites include
   (RAII or scope guards to more effectively solve some cleanup problems)
   (modules should not touch global variables)
   (e.g. the "let" syntax)
   (e.g. __len, __pairs, and other metamethods on tables)

Possibly also: macros (in the LISP sense).

> I'd like to see some sort of "default" value for function arguments
> added. Something along the lines of:
> function foo(a or 5)
>   ...
> end;
> ..... a = a or 5; ... end;. Syntactic sugar maybe?

Function argument processing involves a lot of things, including type and range
checking for named and positional elements.  I think the above might add more
complexity to the language but only address one special case.

> I'd like to see some sort of table.hole value for table arrays.

I think the more fundamental issue is in the limited expressibility of varargs
in the absence of tables --