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There was a bit of discussion about this project recently, but the website still says (not entirely correctly :-) "there's nothing here yet," there's apparently no 1.0 release and the last date in the CHANGELOG is in January 2007.

Is it alive?

If not... SteveD (g'day!), would you consider refactoring your popen.c (or allowing it to be refactored) with (say) a makefile, README, simple docfile, for inclusion on the LibrariesAndBindings part of the wiki? It could be hosted on LuaForge, I guess. Or not just "if not," perhaps "as well"?

PS: Steve, what's the difference between using your do_popen() and Lua's existing read XOR write popen() library function? And is it necessary under Unix always to run your popen2()ed subcommand under /bin/sh, or could that be made optional to avoid the additional overhead?