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Hi Duck, hope the antipodes are treating you well

popen.c was knocked together under a modified Ricci Lake licence
('written in a fit of boredom' etc). It should be done better than

Hi Duck,

Well that sounds like a cool thing - you volunteering? ;)

As for the builtin io.popen. It works fine in console programs,
Unix/Windows. But it doesn't work _at all_ under Windows non-console,
and I found it dodgy under Linux with ScITE as well.

steve d.
I had a look at Lua-Ex, and found it confusing - unnecessarily complicated.

On 8/15/07, Duck <> wrote:
> If not... SteveD (g'day!), would you consider refactoring your popen.c (or
> allowing it to be refactored) with (say) a makefile, README, simple
> docfile, for inclusion on the LibrariesAndBindings part of the wiki? It
> could be hosted on LuaForge, I guess. Or not just "if not," perhaps "as
> well"?
> PS: Steve, what's the difference between using your do_popen() and Lua's
> existing read XOR write popen() library function? And is it necessary
> under Unix always to run your popen2()ed subcommand under /bin/sh, or
> could that be made optional to avoid the additional overhead?