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On 8/8/07, KHMan <> wrote:
Not sure what you are getting at, but what I am doing with tolua++
is that the generated xyz.c file now has the:

#include "SDL.h"

line somewhere in the beginning. Thus, the generated code will be
able to refer to any constant via their defined names. Why don't
you try it out and see, or find a working sample...

Yes this works, but you will notice there was no reason to specify the value, because it is not used, ever.

I fixed my problem by using the defined value in an existing header. I am just trying to get the app to be easier to use. If I can independently define constants that would help to re-map 'typedef enum' to defines.

Thanks for the discussion. The documentation makes it sound like I can define constants including its' value, all from with in the package.
RJP Computing