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Le 26 juil. 07 à 20:46, Jerome Vuarand a écrit :

Ketmar Dark wrote:
[...]. i think that Lua manual is close to
perfection: it is small, easily understandable and complete.

I think there's no such thing as a perfect manual, since you have to
choose a tradeoff for the amount of redundancy you put in it. The more
redundant it is, the easier it is to find an answer in it. The less
redundant it is, the easier it is to maintain it and keep it coherent.

Lua manual has little to no redundancy. It's very strict and complete,
and thus very reliable, but it's certainly not easy to find answers for
many questions (like "how do I change the environment of the currently
executing lua_CFunction?").

BTW, as a "non programmer" (I haven't written assembler since my Amiga days...), I wouldn't mind a Lua book with lots of examples. I heard about a Lua gems book <>, does anyone has any news about this project or a similar project ?

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