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On 26/07/07, Ketmar Dark <> wrote:
"Frans Slothouber" <> wrote:
> There is nothing wrong with you :) But you can not extrapolate that
> when it works for you it must work for everybody.  What is perfectly
> logical or easy to find for one person might not be for another
> person.
but i think that *programmer* *must* be able to read the docs and find
the answers. the basic skills of docs reading is enough to find the
answers to 98% of questions. %-)
I agree with that.  However there is not just one kind of programmer.

For instance take a programmer who has been making websites
using php and sql for many years.
Now take someone who has been programming embedded devices in assembly
for as many years.
Both are the best in their field.

Now try explaining, stack corruption, static
variables, and the benefits of passing by reference instead of by value as
it relates to C to the both of them.

It will be obvious to the assembly programmer and less obvious to
the sql/php programmer.

Have fun,