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On 26/07/07, Ketmar Dark <> wrote:
"Jerome Vuarand" <> wrote:
> Lua manual has little to no redundancy. It's very strict and complete,
> and thus very reliable, but it's certainly not easy to find answers
> for many questions (like "how do I change the environment of the
> currently executing lua_CFunction?").
i've never changing the environment of the currently executing
lua_CFunction. i spent ~90 seconds to find the answer in the manual. so
what's wrong with the manual? or something is wrong with me? %-)

There is nothing wrong with you :) But you can not extrapolate that when it
works for you it must work for everybody.  What is perfectly logical or easy
to find for one person might not be for another person.

By writing something in a number of different ways you can make is easier for
all sorts of people.

Have fun,