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--- Ketmar Dark <> wrote:
> i got an interesting conversation with Diego and now
> i rewrote
> everything to non/blocking i/o. i didn't notice any
> speed issues, but
> the server working about 4 days w/o any crashes. and
> code becomes
> smaller (it's probably due to per-ip traffic
> shaping, which is easier
> to do in one task with coroutines than in separate
> LuaTasks which must
> communicate %-).
However, PA has a point that while the coroutines are
properly multi-plexed in terms of socket io, the other
IOs are not. Say for example, if I have a SQL related
begin tran/end tran, it would be blocked and the whole
thing stop until I get out of this blocking IO. And in
a sense, the high performance design has been
serialized by this link.

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