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On Sat, 21 Jul 2007 03:47:44 -0700 (PDT)
gary ng <> wrote:

> However, PA has a point that while the coroutines are
> properly multi-plexed in terms of socket io, the other
> IOs are not. Say for example, if I have a SQL related
> begin tran/end tran, it would be blocked and the whole
> thing stop until I get out of this blocking IO. And in
> a sense, the high performance design has been
> serialized by this link.
yae are completely right. but one can write another `servers' with, for
example, unix sockets to do time-consuming tasks. then run this servers
and get multiple requests w/o slowdown. it's a unix-way: do one thing,
but do it good. %-)

i already did something like this with my custom db engine and some
`on-the-fly' html-generators. this is something like CGI, but more
socket-oriented. maybe i should make the library from my crappy code
and upload it to LuaForge?