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So, John...

You did not reveal your answer to the original question?  ;)

"plenty of things" is rather vague, eh?   Loosely typed.


John Belmonte kirjoitti 16.7.2007 kello 0:31:

Asko Kauppi wrote:
1. Lua is best for embedded cases where string handling etc. in C would
_really_ suck.

...which could be said of any language with saner string support than C.

Lua is best for quick days when things need to be done to work (with as
few lines as possible)

I don't agree.  For shortest average completion time of a random
programming task, you will benefit from a large number of available
libraries (e.g. see Perl, Python).  Taking a two day coding detour to
compensate for modules which already exist in the mature stand-alone
scripting languages is not productive to your task at hand.

Lua is best for plenty of things, just not what you mention.