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I must use lua to script C/C++ applications. I just can see the end… its just a HUGE tool. Since access on the fly to the code isn’t a very easy task, and c/c++ still looks very fast to my eyes, I cant find a successor at this time, instead deploy myself an interpreter. I develop daemons. Script way to get in and do something is very welcome. Thanks to Lua and his team!!


Well… good for its done. Bad for? Well… is a very new child. The time will fix the bad in a “for bad do”. J



De: [] Em nome de Haroon Khalid
Enviada em: sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2007 16:34
Assunto: Best and Worst of Lua


Hello everyone, how are you? I wanted to know what people think of Lua.

1. What situations are LUA best for?
2. What situations are LUA bad for?

example: games, web dev and so on...

Thanks, and its Friday! Time to hit up Fudruckers!