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TongKe Xue wrote:

ussing Ruby as my scripting language of choice.
Might try mailing the Ruby list then... :P

  (1) I need to be able to limit the memory usage of the object.
  (2) I need to be able to limit the CPU cycle usage of the object.

This can be done fairly simply. Try a Google search for 'Lua sandbox'. For a simple implementation, checking the os.clock(); function result in a debug hook function will tell you how long a script has been running, and then you can decide whether to terminate it. collectgarbage("count") will tell you how much memory (in kilobytes) a script is using. In C, setting a memory alloc function will allow you full control over memory and this would be better and more effective. CPU is more difficult, but if you use threads (might check LuaTask, LuaThreads, etc. but I don't have experience with these), then each script will be given (roughly) equal processing time so it won't matter too much anyway.