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	Hi Sherry

On Sun, 8 Jul 2007, Sherry Zhang wrote:

> hi,
> Now I have a program like
> a={}
> a["foo"]=function() bar() end
> a["bar"]=function () print("Hello") end
> function p(t) foo() end
> p(a)
> when running p(a) , I want to get the "Hello" output.
> and I want to know two easy way to do that.
> ( I do not ways like for k, v in pairs(t) do ... end)
	You can change the environment of the functions to
let the code works:

setfenv(, a)
setfenv(p, a)

	Or you could change function p:

function p(t) end

	Then it will call the function at member "foo" of
the given table.
	Also you should change to:

function end

	Or maybe you would like to rewrite it:

a = {
	foo = function (self) self:bar() end,
	bar = function (self) print("Hello") end,

function p(obj) obj:foo() end

p(a) -- => a:foo() => a:bar() => print("Hello")

> 1 how to set it outside the function and leave the function unmodified?
> 2 how to set it inside the function?
	I didn't understand the questions :-(