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thanks for your answer, but my question was concerning a different point:

i would like to know if the garbage collector of Lua is stable in the sense of memory usage over very long, and highly active, interpreter run times (i am talking in the magnitude of months) - from experience i know that many otherwise very mature interpreters suffer in this regard.

Rob Brown has not answered, but I know who/what he was working on before he left his last job. He was working on Satellite systems with as far as I know Lua embedded in them. He used our coverage and performance tools for this task.

I think you'd except execution times for satellites to be measured in years or decades. That tells me the GC works well so long as you don't put any C memory leaks or Lua GC leaks in your app.

I'm sure Rob will correct me if his Lua usage was ground based rather than space intended.

Stephen - Tools for many languages, including Lua.