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On 6/23/07, Peter Steiner <> wrote:
hi there,

before i get my hands dirty with evaluation and testing, i would like to
ask of your experiences with long-term collector behaviour in LUA.

i plan to implement LUA in a telecom-product, where long-term
availability is essential. neither the referenced papers, or the cited
use cases on the website give concrete information about this kind of
stability criterion.

did you profile or test LUA in this regard?


Firstly, Lua isn't an acronym. Secondly, this is very dependent on
your needs. If you need Lua to store data to disk and get it back
later that's very possible, just write a (rather simple) method of
converting your data to a string(or binary if you're feeling smart)
and save the data to disk.

If you mean keeping data stored as a variable in Lua, basically any
non-weak table is going to be there unless you set it to nil.

Of course I could be mis-interpreting your question ;)