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1) do not use /Zi or /ZI use /Z7. The debug edit and continue option is
v slow.
2) For debug mode change the lua_newstate() to use HeapAlloc(). You
can do this with a macro. The downside of this is that the GC is not
memory checked by the debug runtime.


On 6/16/07, Eike Decker <> wrote:

During last month, I integrated lua much more tightly into our engine (see and lua is now used much more intensivly than before (adding
certain new features, but also allowing a more direct binding, which I hoped
that it would speed up everything a bit, but to my disapointment, the engine
has become a bit slower (not very much, but maybe 10%) but this is not the
topic here).

I am using gcc for compiling while my workmate is using a Microsoft compiler
(msvc 7.1 / visual c 2003.

While the release build of MS is quite a bit faster than the release build of
the GCC compiler, the debug build of the MS compiler suffers a lot (about 50%
of the speed when debug exe is executed and horrible long wait periods when the
Lua GC runs) and my partner is complaining about this effect, since it became
worse, the more lua was integrated. Especially the waiting periods during
debuging where everything freezes are quite horrible.

I have no experience with the MS compiler here, but I am responsible for the
luabinding, so I would like to know if someone here has the same problems in
combination with the microsoft compiler and if there is a workaround for this

Thanks in advance!