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On 6/9/07, Sherry Zhang <> wrote:
Well, I dont know. I am not a language developer.
Many Scheme implementation's IDE can help us to debug our program,
but the standard R5RS did not define such library.
Maybe in lua, a debugger can break the program at some place and find
get all the variables in the stack?

The IDEs use some low-level routines to access the information inside
each closure - and the debug library provides these routines.

Several people here have written small debugging tools for Lua that
are at most a few hundreds of lines long and that provide most of what
we need from the IDEs, but without the bloat. At some point - very
soon, it seems - these tools will be clean enough and well-documented
enough. Right now they are a bit hard to understand, but they're not
big black boxes like the usual IDEs.

I am not a language developer.

There are many languages around in which the gap between "user" and
"language developer" is huge - but Lua is not one of them.

By the way, have you seen this?

   Eduardo Ochs