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And what would those 'debugging tools' use then?

Sherry Zhang wrote:
On 6/9/07, Rici Lake <> wrote:

On 8-Jun-07, at 8:28 PM, Matthew Armstrong wrote:

> So I've gone and written myself some debugging utility functions, but
> am running into some trouble with the following:
> function outer(param)
> return
> function()
> -- (do something with param)
> debug.debug()
> end
> end
> outer(42)()
> So when I break at debug.debug, a search up the stack doesn't give me
> any info about param. Any way to get this?

param is an upvalue; it's not on the stack at that point.

(Plug:) You might want to take a look at the lua debugger
(still alpha, but quite usable) at

Why does the official lua distribution still have the `debug' library?
I think it is ugly if lua has that library.  Most of the time we can
debug the scripts via some debugging tools.