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I didn't mean to offend, apologies if I did..
I've do a lot of GI in lua, and when I noticed "performance", "parallell", "coroutines" and "1,000,000", I had a similar
reaction most women have to spiders (or computers) .. :)
You wrote "to describe a set of tests that run in parallel", so I guess that means what it means, that whatever you're performing isn't
being done by the coroutines themselves... or maybe they do, I dunno..

Also, to further feed the OT theme of this thread:
Or put differently, the imagination of one man, even if he is the
cleverest guy ever born, has no chance to compete long-term with that of
a dedicated team of people, even if they're all of mediocre talent.
... that should end that silly Linux vs. Windows debate :)